Tecno announces Eagle Eye, a new type of zoom lens for phones that can track Formula 1 cars

Tecno is a lesser-known brand in Europe, as the company mainly sells phones on the African continent, where it has made a name for itself with inexpensive entry-level models. Recently, however, the Chinese company seems to be emerging with technology demonstrations, particularly in the camera area. Most recently, it announced its Eagle Eye Lens technology, which aims to provide better stabilised optical zoom to track subjects while filming or shooting.

Eagle Eye is the evolution of the periscopic lens system, integrating two prisms

The latest innovation in smartphone cameras was the periscopic lens, which uses a prism to transmit light to a sensor, which is positioned vertically. Tecno’s new Eagle Eye lens system uses a similar concept, but adds a second prism. So light has to pass through both prisms, with light being reflected twice at a 90 degree angle.

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Tecno’s reason for this solution seems to be optical stabilisation and the possibility of rotating the prisms to better track a subject in use. By using the two prisms, not only does the subject stay in frame throughout the shoot, but it also remains in constant focus. Of course, this hardware solution also comes with intelligent software that allows you to track people and objects and correctly interpret what the photo sensor and stabilisation system is recording.

Tecno says it will be able to track even very fast objects in the frame

“The internal dual prisms of the lens provide AI tracking and recording capabilities, which allows for an ultra-stabilizing angle of up to 6 degrees on both the positive and negative axis. The two prisms can uniaxially tilt at 8 or 10 degrees, resulting in a total of 16 degrees of tilt in the short direction and 20 degrees in the long direction of the image, allowing for intelligent tracking of objects in the image.”, say Tecno representatives.

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tecno eagle eye

The result is that the object being tracked will remain constantly in the centre of the image as long as it is in the frame. Optical stabilisation also helps to enhance moving detail.

An example given by Tecno relates to filming fast-moving sports, such as Formula 1 racing, where you can now follow cars around the track with your phone. The technology should debut on Tecno phones next year. The company says the technology will not be licensed to other partners, so it will only be found on its devices until an alternative comes along from a vendor willing to offer it to other manufacturers.

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