Tech products in the “Freeze Prices” campaign

Kaufland has launched a new campaign this summer. The retail chain promises to freeze prices on more than 1,000 products across many categories. These include electronics and accessories for them. The company’s initiative is welcome at a time when inflation has reached levels not seen for many years.

The annual inflation rate in June 2022, compared to June 2021, was 15.1%. This crisis has affected many industries, including the video game industry, which many analysts believed was immune to economic fluctuations.

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We’ve selected products from the list in the technology category that have frozen prices this summer, according to Kaufland.

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“Freezing prices”. Products in the electronics and accessories categories entered into the campaign:

USB 2.0 to USB-C 1 metre data cable – 27,99 lei
USB-C data cable, 1 metre length – 14,99 lei
Micro-USB data cable, 1 metre long – 1,99 lei
Omega OM-412 optical mouse – 14,99 lei

Optical mouse Omega OM-412

Mouse Omega OM-419W – 29,99 lei
Lightning cable for iPhone, 1 meter long – 21,99 lei
Extension cable with 3 plugs, 1.4 metre long cable, black – 14,99 lei
Extension cord with 3 plugs and 3 meter cable, white – 24,99 lei

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Kaufland also has other useful products in the campaign, such as batteries, LED bulbs or accumulators. You can download the full list of products in the ‘Freeze the prices’ campaign here.

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