Galaxy Z Flip4 vs. endurance tests: screen and hinge, vulnerable points. VIDEO

The Galaxy Z Fold4 and Flip4 models are the toughest foldable phones yet, at least according to Samsung, but their users probably won’t want to test these claims on their own. Fortunately, there are sources of information, such as YouTube channel JerryRigEverything, which puts all manufacturers’ phones to the test to discover which are truly resistant to wear and tear over time and even extreme situations. It turns out that the new Galaxy Z Flip4, while not as durable as the Fold, manages to survive the toughest “tests”.

Galaxy Z Flip4 came out of extreme endurance tests “almost” intact

We already knew that Samsung changed the design of the Flip4 a bit, improving the construction materials as well as the hinge to make it more compact. It looks like the glass and aluminum on the outside is just as durable as on previous models, while the screen is still covered in a plastic film that can be extremely easy to scratch, even with your fingernail. In this respect, Samsung hasn’t made much improvement in the three years it’s been selling foldable phones.

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However, when it comes to water and dust resistance, the Flip4 doesn’t seem to have such big problems anymore. The design changes, especially in the hinge area, even keeps dust out, even though Samsung officially doesn’t say the phone is dustproof, only waterproof. Unfortunately, the new hinge design also seems to be one of the more fragile points.

The bend test shows that the new, more compact hinge isn’t as resistant to reverse bending, as the phone failed to close after an internal component jumped out of its original location. Earlier models, while retaining dust between the wheels, didn’t break down irreparably when bent.

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While the Galaxy Z Flip4 will most likely hold up under normal use, users will have to be especially careful with the foldable screen and hinge, which seem to be this device’s vulnerabilities.

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