Team Shiba Inu reveals the secrets of the next “Mint Party” with the Bugatti group

The Bugatti Group will host a special event, in partnership with Shiba Inu, to launch a limited edition collection of physical and NFT collectibles in honor of Genesis NFT holders, according to a press release from the team.

The exclusive special collection features 299 limited coins priced at 0.14 Ethereum (ETH). It should be noted that 95% of those who strike the Mint will receive a unique Bugatti Cross Body Luggage Bag, while 5% will be able to receive a carry-on item in which they can place their own Shiboshi NFT design.

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To further reward their early supporters, Shiba Inu and the Bugatti Group are also offering a 55% discount on their exclusive travel accessories as part of this limited-time collaboration.

Interested parties can easily use the coinage portal – which will be launched in an upcoming Twitter Spaces presentation – to participate in this event and potentially be rewarded with one of these coveted Bugatti X Shiboshis items .

Once all the currencies have been obtained, the redemption will open its doors to participants a week later – an announcement about this will be made via their social channels alongside the Bugatti Group.

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Bugatti Group is a company that designs and creates handbags, briefcases and various other accessories. Shiba Inu tested a partnership with the company last week.

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