Tchia Gameplay Video Released Before Battles – That’s Gaming

Awaceb has shown more and more gameplay of Tchia ahead of its launch later this month, explaining everything from the traversing mechanics and exploration-oriented gameplay loop to the open world and even a fully playable ukulele. In another new video, the developer has now turned the spotlight on the combat and other challenges players will face in the game’s tropical open world setting.

Tchia is not a game that focuses on combat, but players will still encounter opponents known as Maano, who have been brought to life using wood and dust. Battles against them will encourage experimentation and creativity, with the main way to deal with them being to set them on fire. You can do this by using flammable items in your inventory, jumping into objects such as lamps and more, while also constantly using your various locomotion skills to stay away from danger.

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The open world will also have several large fortresses occupied by Maano that players must clean up. This will present much larger combat challenges, with your main goal being to set fire to every pile of dust lying in the fortress. Meanwhile, you will also find several Totem shrines in the open world, which offer other challenges that are not combat-oriented, but whose completion will help progress. Watch the video below for more details.

Tchia will launch on March 21 for PS5, PS4 and PC.

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