Syria denounces Israeli bombardment of the cities of Tartous and Hama

Syria has denounced this Friday several bombings launched by Israeli forces on the cities of Hama and Tabouz, in the west of the country, although most of the missiles would have been neutralized by air defenses.

At least two people have been wounded, according to a source quoted by the Syrian news agency SANA, which reports significant material losses and several fires over the surroundings of these two cities.

The same source explained that the air defense assets have responded to these attacks around 19.15 local time on Thursday and that most of the missiles of the aggression targeted the vicinity of the cities of Hama and Tartous were shot down.”

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This week, Washington announced this week that it had carried out a series of bombings over the province of Deiz Ezzor, in eastern Syria, in response to a series of attacks that several armed groups, allegedly supported by Iran, had allegedly committed on US positions weeks ago.

However, from Tehran it has been denied that these “popular and anti-occupation fighting” groups are backed by them.

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