Switzerland joins the EU sanctions against Russia in a “unique” step for the country

Swiss President Ignazio Cassis.

Swiss President Ignazio Cassis. – Jean-Marc Ferre/UN Photo/dpa

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MADRID, Feb. 28 (Royals Blue) –

The Government of Switzerland announced this Monday that it has joined the sanctions adopted by the European Union against Russia in the framework of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and in an act described as “unique” by the president, Ignazio Cassis.

As the authorities have explained in a statement, the assets of the people and companies that appear on the list of the community bloc will be blocked “with immediate effect”. These sanctions also include Russian President Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister Mijail Mishustin, and the head of Russian diplomacy, Sergei Lavrov.

Thus, Switzerland has reaffirmed its “solidarity” with the Ukrainian people after an extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet, in which the members of the Government have agreed to send basic necessities to displaced people.

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The Government has decided to partially suspend the agreement reached with Russia in 2009, which allows visas to be provided to Russian citizens, although holders of diplomatic passports may continue to enter the country without a visa.

In this regard, entry bans have also been issued to a number of people who have a connection to Switzerland and are close to the Russian president and, in line with the closure of airspace by EU countries, Switzerland has indicated that the Yours will be temporarily out of service for all flights departing from Russia, except those with a humanitarian, medical or diplomatic component.

The Government, for its part, has reiterated its willingness to “actively contribute to the solution of the conflict diplomatically” and has recalled that the defense of “peace and security and respect for International Law are values ​​that Switzerland, as a country democratic, it shares with its European neighbours”.

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“Switzerland fully accepts the EU sanctions against Russia”, said Cassis, who pointed out that it is an attack on an “independent country”, so it is an attack on “freedom, democracy, the civilian population and institutions of a free country. “That is politically and morally unacceptable under international law,” she said, according to information in the newspaper ‘Tages Anzeiger’.

Thus, he has described the measure as a “unique step for Switzerland”, for which he has stressed that it should not be taken lightly “from the point of view of neutrality”. The president explained that the sanctions “are intended to support the goal of persuading Russian leaders to reconsider the invasion.” “As the depositary state of the Geneva Conventions, we are committed to the humanitarian imperatives and we must not stand idly by and watch them be trampled on,” he clarified.

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