Sui Network organizes a token sale on OKX and KuCoin

Sui Network will proceed to the sale from 594 million from tokens SUI. The main contributors have access to a pre-sale. The layer1 will not not d’aidrop.

The blockchain network Sui Network is about to launch a public sale on several exchanges for its native token SUI.

The most active of the Sui community have access to a program that allows them to get their hands on digital parts at discount. Eligible people are ecosystem participants who have “supported the network since its inception through significant contributions”. They include the winners of the Capy Holidays contest, “Champions” (testers, moderators…) and “Supporters” (early members of its Discord).

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From Tuesday, April 18, on Bybit, OKX and KuCoin, 144 million SUI will thus be offered at the rate of 0.03$ under this community program.

A public sale from 450 million tokens will then take place on OKX and KuCoin on Monday April 24. The unit price of SUI this time will be 0,10$ and limits will also be applied.

The Sui Foundation has always made it clear that there will be no SUI aidrops,” the announcement said.

Sui Network is a blockchain developed by Mysten Labsa startup that raised $300 million – including from FTX – last year. The project is often presented as a rival of Aptos because its team also includes former Meta (Facebook) employees and its product uses the same programming language designed by the social networking giant, Move.

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Based on the Delegated Proof Of Stake mechanism, the blockchain has had a test network since the fall of 2022 and its mainnet should arrive soon.

Last month, Mysten Labs signed a memorandum of understanding with the cloud branch of the Chinese firm Alibaba.

More recently, the U.S. company announced that it had bought out the stake of bankrupt crypto exchange FTX – obtained as part of its Series B – for $96 million.

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