Official opening of Base, Coinbase’s L2 Ethereum

Base made its debut. Coinbase is organizing a on-chain” festival in partnership with Coca-Cola for the occasion. Visit layer 2 could enable theexchange to generate additional income.

Thursday evening, Coinbase has announced the official launch of Base. The layer 2 (L2) dedicated to Ethereum and powered by Optimism’s OP stack, had already been open to developers since last month, and was equipped with its first bridge at the beginning of August.

The deployment of a blockchain network by one of America’s largest crypto exchanges is bound to be an event, especially as Coinbase has been listed for just over two years now.

We are delighted to announce that the Base mainnet is now online. […] At launch, more than 100 applications and service providers are available in the Base ecosystem. […] Anyone can explore DApps on Base with near-zero gas charges, fast speeds and secure transactions settled on Ethereum,” the Base team wrote on its blog.

With Basethe Californian platform aims to bring “the next million builders and billion users” into “ the next generation of the Internet “said on-chain “or blockchain-based.

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This new product could enable the company, which signed a 6th consecutive quarter in the redto collect from new revenuesparticularly through applications built on the network.

At the same time, Coinbase launched its Onchain Summer” festival. For several weeks, the crypto exchange will offer NFT activities and mints in partnership with various brands, including the giant Coca-Cola.

Participate in Onchain Summer by hitting ‘Base, Day One’, a commemorative NFT celebrating the launch of the Base core network,” Coinbase reports.

According to the tracker L2beat, Base currently has a TVL of nearly 150 million dollars. The total value locked up in L2 already exceeded $50 million earlier this month in the wake of the bridge announcement.

Earlier this week, DEX Uniswap announced its deployment on Base.

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