Bitdeer miner’s BTC production increases

Bitdeera minor recently listed on the Nasdaqundermined 482 bitcoins at Septembera increase from 25% compared to previous month.

On Thursday evening, the bitcoin mining company Bitdeer announced that it had mined 482 self-produced digital coins in September 2023.

We remained focused on maintaining our operational strength during September and continued to generate solid results. The number of bitcoins mined increased by 25.8% compared to the previous month and almost tripled compared to the same period last year,” Bitdeer CEO Linghui Kong boasted in a statement.

Bitdeer’s increase in BTC production follows the opening of its new mining operations in Bhutan. This summer, the Singaporean firm powered up 15,000 new ASICs at its farm in Gedu.

“In September, 217 bitcoins were mined at the Gedu datacenter, representing around 45% of the total bitcoins mined for the month. Our success is a testament to our ability to optimize our operations, and occurred while our overall power capacity remained stable at 895 MW,” added the executive.

Bitdeer, which made its Nasdaq debut in April, is now building a 175MW immersion-cooled datacenter at its Tydal center in Norway.

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The company founded by crypto magnate and Bitmain co-founder Jihan Wu now boasts a proprietary hashrate totaling 8.7 EH/s.

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