Sturgeon says Scotland ready for independence, accuses UK of diverting its path

The Scottish chief minister, Nicola Sturgeon, has assured this Monday that “Scotland has what it takes to be a successful independent country” despite the fact that in the United Kingdom there is a government that seeks for Edinburgh “a different destiny”, accusing Westminster of being “the problem”.

“I know some people see independence as turning their backs on the rest of the UK. It’s not: it’s about reframing our relationship as one of equals,” he has explained, adding that this step is “the best way to protect” the way the UK came into being, which is “a voluntary association of nations.”

Sturgeon has declared in a press conference that “Westminster’s denial of Scottish democracy” and its “frontal attacks” against Scotland are causing “tension”, as well as fraying the ties between the parties, as reported by the newspaper ‘The Guardian’.

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Scotland’s chief minister was referring to comments by British Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who said last week that her “dream” and her “obsession” was to see a plane deport Rwandan asylum seekers to Rwanda.

“My dream is that we live in a world where those fleeing violence and oppression are compassionate and treated as human beings,” Sturgeon has stressed in a series of criticisms against the UK that have also included the prime minister, Liz Truss.

In this sense, Sturgeon has assured in a press conference that Truss has increased the gap between rich and poor, actions that “increase inequality”, while accusing her of causing chaos in the markets.

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“It took the Conservatives three years to realize that Boris Johnson (the former British prime minister) was a disaster. With Liz Truss, it took them only three weeks,” he criticized, adding that Westminster has caused “austerity”, “hardship” and poverty,” as reported by the BBC.

Finally, Sturgeon has sentenced that “no Government in Scotland will ever inflict on the country such an immoral and counterproductive policy disaster.”

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