Useful and cheap Parkside tool at Lidl. Good for personalising objects

Lidl will be selling a unique Parkside tool from next Thursday (22 September). The engraving tool will be available for 45 lei.

The device has 6,000 strokes on the go. The device can be used for engraving on objects made of various materials such as ceramics, metal, stone, glass, wood or plastic.

The tip, which is already mounted, is made of tungsten, and its stroke (depth at which it enters the material) can be adjusted by the user. Four templates are included in the box, for letters, symbols or emoji.

For beginners, templates are included in the box.

The device has anti-slip zones and a 2-meter long cable. The machine can be used to create artwork, but also to engrave objects such as mugs or lighters, which are then given as gifts.

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As with other Parkside tools, Lidl offers a 3-year warranty on this product.

Starting Monday, two interesting men’s personal care appliances will be available at Lidl, branded Silvercrest Personal Care: a rotary shaver and a hair and beard trimmer, both battery operated.


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