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The world of online casinos in Canada is always in flux, and between new tech solutions, changing regulations, and increased accessibility, it can be difficult to keep up. Today, we’ll explore the latest online casino news Canada, taking a look in to technology solutions providers for the iGaming industry, Pragmatic Play’s latest move in Ontario, and how Nova Scotia’s finance minister is assessing the possibility of launching an online casino. We’ll also take a look at some sobering news of mobile sports betting handle experiencing a significant decrease. Keep reading for all the details about online casino news Canada!

Online Casino News – Introduction:

Canada is a major player in the iGaming industry, with a technology solutions provider helping drive the sector’s growth across the world. The Canadian online gaming market has seen significant gains this year, with Pragmatic Play adding another online casino to the roster – and Atlantic Lotto successfully launching an online casino for New Brunswick residents in August 2020. Nova Scotia’s finance minister is now assessing the possibilities of launching an own online casino, while Ontario is looking to expand its online gaming options. This online casino news Canada article will explore the current state of Canada’s online gaming industry, as well as what potential lies ahead.

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Online Casinos in Canada

The iGaming industry has seen tremendous growth since it gained legal status in Canada in 2014. The sector is estimated to generate over CAD$1 billion in annual revenue from more than 100 operators, making it one of the largest gaming markets in North America. At present, the Canadian gambling market is dominated by lottery and sports betting, but there are still plenty of opportunities for expansion when it comes to online casinos.

Pragmatic Play is amongst the biggest names in Canada’s iGaming industry, and recently added another regulated online casino to its portfolio This new site offers players a range of slots, table games and progressive jackpots, plus live dealer games. In addition, Atlantic Lotto successfully launched an online casino for New Brunswick residents back in August – providing entertainment options such as slots and table games.

Decrease in Sports Betting Handle

New York State has reported a major decrease when it comes to mobile sports betting handle recently. Despite mobile wagering being allowed since July 2019, weekly handle recently fell from over USD 966 million (CAD 1.2 billion) down to under USD 775 million (CAD 950 million). This indicates New York probably won’t become a major player like Nevada or Pennsylvania any time soon – and highlights opportunities for provinces such as Ontario.

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Potential of Expansion in Ontario

Ontario remains one of Canada’s most populous provinces and its economy makes it an attractive market for potential operators who have already been eyeing up opportunities there. In recent years, several regulatory changes have taken place that could open new possibilities when it comes to offering online gaming services within the province – such as allowing existing land-based venues, such as those operated by corporations that own casinos or slots-only operations.

Possibility of Launching an Online Casino in Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia also has potential when it comes to launching a regulated online casino – particularly given that its Minister for Finance has recently commenced an assessment into the possibility. If successful , the launch could bring considerable revenue increases through taxes on gambling activities, creating opportunities for local businesses. It would also bring with it the need for a robust regulatory framework to ensure responsible gaming practices are followed.

Online Casino News Canada – Conclusion :

Online casinos continue to expand across Canada, offering more options for players while providing additional sources of income through taxation and fees collected from operators. The recent success stories already implemented by Atlantic Lotto and Pragmatic Play prove that there are vast opportunities available within Canada’s iGaming industry – be it through existing land-based venues or new jurisdictions opening up like Nova Scotia – which show no signs of slowing down anytime soon .

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