Starlink introduces new fee, above normal subscription, for “nomadic” users

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet antennas are a high-speed solution for areas where there are no alternatives. Because they are based on advanced technologies and the costs of positioning satellites and equipment are high, and the price of services is quite high, but the company is now trying to offer a solution especially for those who are constantly on the move. Starlink’s “Portability” service will allow these antennas to be installed on vehicles, for use in the Internet in many places, not just at the “home address”.

Starlink Portability is a fee for those who want to “walk” with the internet after them

Until now, Starlink was offered to customers as an internet solution for the home. Once installed on the roof of the house, or in the yard, SpaceX expects it to remain in a permanent position. However, those who want the freedom to take the Starlink connection “bundled” will have Portability, a new service for a fee, which will ensure that users who sign up for it will be able to use the Internet from anywhere.

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This is a good solution for users who own caravans, who can carry their internet connection with them when they go on holiday in more remote areas. However, Starlink notes that Portability is a “best effort” feature, meaning that it cannot guarantee that services will be provided at the same performance as your home address, as that is a priority:

“When you bring Starlink elsewhere, the fact that there is a priority could result in degraded services, especially at times of high usage or when the network is congested.”

In addition to the $ 110 per month cost for Starlink, those who need Portability will pay an additional $ 25 for a total of $ 135.

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Starlink is not currently up and running, but SpaceX is working on this solution. The company has recently started offering internet services for aircraft, with on-board users being able to connect to the internet via the aircraft’s Wi-Fi. This suggests that technology is more than capable of keeping your internet connection running. Problems in activating services and for end customers could be the number of simultaneous connections that should be provided.

source: The Verge

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