Star Wars AT-AT with almost 7,000 pieces from the Lego alternative at a great price

With this set you can scare the rebel scum: Almost 7,000 pieces, over 70 centimeters long and almost half a meter high - that's how it has to be!

With this set you can scare the rebel scum: Almost 7,000 pieces, over 70 centimeters long and almost half a meter high – that's how it has to be!

Everyone who “The Empire Strikes Back“If you've seen them, you've learned to love the AT-ATs. You can argue about the military usefulness of the design, but you can't argue about the fact that they're still somehow totally cool.

AT-AT LEGO sets are extremely rare and expensive. How good that there is a huge alternative that also comes with a really cheap price – The great quality of the terminal blocks is top!

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LEGO Star Wars alternative: AT-AT with 7,000 parts, engine & lots of details

The AT-AT Walker, known from the epic Battle of Hoth in “The Empire Strikes Back” or “Rogue One”, stands as Symbol of the power and technological superiority of the Galactic Empire. These four-legged behemoths, reminiscent of gigantic mechanical elephants, have impressed not only moviegoers, but also generations of Star Wars fans.

They are somehow clumsy – and yet they overcome us Goosebumps when you see the huge fighting machines on the screen. I was really happy with Rogue One when they were used.

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Speaking of AT-AT, here are a few more Funfactsto make your inner child a little happy:

  • Size: In the Star Wars universe, AT-ATs stand an impressive 22.5 meters tall – about the height of a seven-story building.
  • Not just a weapon of war: AT-ATs were used not only for combat purposes, but also for transportation and logistics within the Empire.
  • A technical masterpiece: The sounds of the AT-AT were created by mixing various real-world sounds, including the melodic sound of a jackhammer.
  • Stop-Motion-Animation: In The Empire Strikes Back, the AT-ATs were brought to life using stop-motion animation, a technique that moves and photographs miniature models in small increments to create the illusion of movement.

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Mold King vs. LEGO: top quality clamping building blocks – and compatible!

Now we come to the Mold King AT-AT Walker, a true homage to this iconic Star Wars vehicle. Mold King, known for their high-quality and detailed clamping building blocks, brings the legendary Walker into your home with this model.

Who is Mold King and what does that have to do with LEGO?

Mold King has made a name for itself Quality that sometimes even reaches or exceeds the level of Lego. Although not all products are licensed, which should be taken into account when choosing, the quality of the terminal blocks is beyond question. They offer an excellent alternative for building block fans looking for new challenges. Mold King specializes primarily in complex sets and is aimed at an older audience.

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Die Building blocks are compatible with LEGO bricks.

The AT-AT from Mold King is not an official Star Wars product, which is why Star Wars is not in the name. However, you have to have a lot of imagination to see anything other than a real AT-AT.

Apart from that, you get a really large and exciting set with lots of details, motorized movements and an enormous size:

Specifications and features:

  • Teleanzahl: 6919 building blocks
  • Dimensions: 74 cm length, 25 cm width, 58 cm height
  • Motorized features: Includes motor and battery pack for moving parts
  • Richness of detail: Movable head, detailed cockpit, removable panels
  • Material: High quality ABS material for stability and durability
  • Construction: Easy to assemble with numbered construction bags and step-by-step instructions

The set only costs €269 on Amazon. Compared to similar large LEGO sets, this is really extremely cheap.

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Original Lego AT-AT Walker Set 75288 with 1267 pieces

A whole corner smaller with dimensions of 34 centimeters long, 38 in height and 15 in width, is the original Lego AT-AT. This set doesn't come with an engine or anything similar, but there are some stormtroopers and of course Luke from Skywalker.

This set is originally licensed and suitable for small and large children aged 10 and over – and at a price of €186.82.

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