Squid Game gets more “real” than ever: the first VR game based on the Netflix franchise, when it comes out

If you love Squid Game but aren’t brave enough to brave an eventual real-life version, you’ll soon have a VR option.

Netflix has partnered with Sandbox VR to produce a game based on the Korean TV show, and by “the end of 2023,” you’ll be able to step into this chilling dystopia at any of Sandbox VR’s locations around the world.

The game’s developer has over 30 locations globally, 26 of which are in North America. Unfortunately, there’s no such thing in Romania yet, but you never know what the future holds.

According to Sandbox VR, the upcoming release will put players in the position where they will be “transported to iconic Squid Game locations, where they will become competitors in a variety of challenges heavily inspired by the Netflix series.”

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So they’ll be “competing against each other to the last man”, obviously without anyone actually dying.

Sandbox might hit the jackpot with this new VR game, inspired by Squid Game

The San Francisco-based VR company hasn’t shared too many details about its collaboration with Netflix, but judging by its most recent zombie shooter, Deadwood Valley, which was a real hit, the upcoming Squid Game title shouldn’t disappoint.

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All Sandbox VR games allow up to six players per game. They walk freely through each room while wearing wrist and ankle trackers to capture full-body movement, as well as a bHaptic TactSuit to feel zombie bites or scratches.

Players also own including a prop weapon that matches the size of its virtual counterpart, making these VR games more immersive and very real.

Obviously, introducing the idea of Squid Game in context seems like an excellent decision that will almost certainly enjoy huge success, given the popularity of the series.

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