Spicy dating sim Doomsday Paradise launches on Steam in November – That’s Gaming

Lemonade Flashbang is excited to announce that the TikTok hit Doomsday Paradise will launch on Steam on November 8.

The thirsty dating sim in which you can find love at the end of the world will appear on the platform later this year! There’s never a dull moment in Sunset Town, with bosses to defeat and a whole host of absurdly beautiful hotties to seduce: woo a vampire who thinks he’s a wizard, win the heart of a monster girl who loves Halloween – or even fall web over heels with the Spider Queen herself.

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Sabotage your friends, become the best wingman ever or get your love rivals embroiled in increasingly hilarious scenarios with more than 100 different endings to dive into. Save the world or have a cocktail on the beach with the love of your life and watch him burn – the choice is yours!

“Doomsday Paradise is the best multi-player roguelike dating sim with a crab man on the market. Please don’t check that,” says Shadi Taha of Lemonade Flashbang. “I think we have created something very special. I look forward to finally getting this into players’ hands.”

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Doomsday Paradise will be available on Steam on Nov. 8.

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