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Special edition. Ioana Dichiseanu invited to ALTCEVA with Adrian Artene one year after the death of her father, Ion Dichiseanu


Ioana Dichiseanu, the daughter of the great actor Ion Dichiseanu, is invited to the podcast ALTCEVA by her husband, Adrian Artene, on Friday, May 20, starting with 19.00, when one year has passed since the passing away of her father, Ion Dichiseanu.

The great actor Ion Dichiseanu died on May 20 last year, at the age of 87, and was buried with military honors in the Bellu cemetery.

“My father is still present, he will always be with us, in my heart, ours, he is the angel who will always protect us. My father stays here, in the hearts of me and all those who loved him! ” Ioana said then.

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One year after the great actor’s death, his daughter is trying to keep his memory alive, founding, in this sense, the Ion Dichiseanu Festival, which will start on Friday, May 20, in Adjud, the master’s hometown. For three days, between May 20-22, the Festival hosted film screenings, plays, book launches and concerts by well-known artists.

Watch the full interview with Ioana Dichiseanu, on Friday, May 20, at 7 pm, only on the YouTube channel Altceva cu Adrian Artene.

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