Soon donuts may be healthy thanks to new UK legislation -.

While no one in their right mind associates donuts with healthy eating, that’s more than half the fun of eating something like a donut. You know the sugar, fat and saturated fat content of that Oreo-soaked lump is more than you need for three days, and yet it tastes so good you can’t put it down.

New British legislation, however, means that we will no longer see unhealthy foods like doughnuts at the front of our supermarkets. Instead, we will have to look for it, like a creep buying adult magazines in a corner store.

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The legislation means many companies are trying to make healthy donuts. A crazy idea, but if they can get their alternative in front of British shoppers, there is a lot of money to be made. Although the government’s idea is to keep unhealthy food out of sight and out of mind for shoppers, some want to give people a healthier alternative so they can still buy a doughnut when they walk into a store.

Thanks, Wired.

Soon donuts may be healthy thanks to new UK legislation

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