Innovative balcony power plant from Germany: Future-proof thanks to software updates

Balcony power plants are very trendy right now. The useful mini photovoltaic systems enable everyone who has a little space on the balcony, garden or garage roof to produce their own green electricity.

A sample calculation of the average power generation per year with 832 kWh x 40ct / kWh results in an amount of €332.80 that you can save per year. In view of ever increasing energy prices, such a small balcony power plant is a sensible and sustainable investment that is also environmentally friendly.

Here you can see what priwatt has to offer

The provider priwatt not only offers you balcony power plants that are particularly easy to set up and upgrade via software update, but also accompanies you from A to Z through the entire setup and registration process. In this way you can be sure that the purchase will pay off as planned in the end and that the system is always state-of-the-art thanks to free upgrades. But the provider has other advantages.

What is priwatt? The company priwatt is a green energy company founded in Leipzig, which has set itself the goal of enabling a private energy transition for all citizens. With small photovoltaic systems for balconies, gardens, facades and house roofs as well as competent service, this vision is to be put into practice. The systems offered are complete sets with the appropriate brackets. So you get everything you need and you don’t have to buy additional components. The systems were therefore in great demand and quickly sold out in summer 2022. The provider also received various awards, including the “VERY GOOD” rating from ComputerBILD and first place in the Stern comparison test.

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Particularly easy assembly: Priwatt offers carefree balcony power plant assembly like no other

It’s that simple: In contrast to large photovoltaic systems on large areas, you do not need a fitter or electrician to put the system into operation with a balcony power plant from priwatt. Simple manual skills are usually sufficient to assemble the panels and the inverter. So if you can assemble a wardrobe from Ikea, you can also get a balcony power plant.

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Anyone with even rudimentary manual skills can install the priwatt solar systems.

Anyone with even rudimentary manual skills can install the priwatt solar systems.

What if I still need help? Then priwatt will help you: “Where should the inverter be mounted, which socket do I need and how high and at what angle can I hang the panels?” – with all these questions, this provider will help you with competent service via mail or telephone. Get in touch with the experts and get help quickly and easily.

Smart balcony power station: upgrade to 800 watts thanks to a software update

Priwatt offers smart systems: Priwatt offers you the smartest and most innovative system on the market. The whole thing is controlled with a useful app on the smartphone. You can then see how much electricity is coming in and whether you can perhaps increase the yield. The intelligent devices then take care of the rest and independently regulate how the electricity is used in your house.

If the limit is raised to 800 watts, the update is automatic and you don't have to reinstall or replace anything.

If the limit is raised to 800 watts, the update is automatic and you don’t have to reinstall or replace anything.

What’s the deal with updates? The output power of the inverters is currently 600 watts, as this is stipulated by law. However, since the federal government is currently planning to raise this limit to 800 watts, as has already happened in other countries, a new upper limit should soon apply in this country as well. In this case you don’t need to worry at priwatt.

The update to 800 watts then takes place automatically via the Internet “Over-The-Air” (OTA). So you don’t have to install or replace any new hardware. You also get a performance guarantee of 25 years on the devices. So you are investing in the future!

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Less bureaucracy – more performance?

Can I just start like this? If you want to put a private photovoltaic system into operation, you have to clear a few bureaucratic hurdles. Among other things, a registration of the system is necessary, but it is not subject to approval. Nevertheless, there are official rules and regulations that must be observed.

With the help of priwatt you can quickly and easily do the paperwork and enjoy your solar power.

With the help of priwatt you can quickly and easily do the paperwork and enjoy your solar power.

If you – as you might expect – don’t feel like bantering with the bureaucracy, then don’t worry: the provider wants to accommodate its customers here and offers to take care of the official stuff for you. This includes a free registration service for automatic registration in the market master data register and support in registering the system with the network operator. In addition, priwatt offers solutions for approval for commissioning, for example if you are renting and there are open questions and problems.

Lifetime Service: The free service is valid for all customers for life and you can always contact the provider with questions and problems. So you will not be left in the lurch when there are surprising innovations and changes in the legal situation regarding photovoltaic systems.

Here you can see what priwatt has to offer

Is a balcony power plant worth it for me?

When the sun is good, the solar panels provide plenty of electricity, which you can use immediately for your household appliances. This in turn saves a lot of money over the year.

If you want to find out exactly how much money you can save with your position in the sun and the number of panels, the provider provides you with a practical app. So you can check exactly how much the balcony power plant is worthwhile for you and when the purchase will have paid off.

All of the reasons mentioned suggest that priwatt should be your ideal partner for balcony power plants. So if you’ve always wanted to have your own small solar system or have now developed a taste for your own green electricity, then don’t hesitate any longer and take a look at the priwatt website for the best offers for you. Your electricity bill will thank you!

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