Sony has a deal with Ridley Scott’s production team: Gravity Rush movie based on the video game

At this rate, we can expect news of a Sackboy series any day now. Sony seems determined to turn every game property it’s ever gotten its hands on into a movie or series. PlayStation Productions has a bunch of projects in the works, and the latest, according to Deadline, is a Gravity Rush movie.

The movie will be based on the 2012 PlayStation Vita game of the same name from Japan Studio’s Team Gravity (the title was later remastered for PlayStation 4). Specifically, you play as Kat, an amnesiac who can manipulate gravity to traverse an open world in a novel way. Kat uses her powers to protect the residents of Hekseville from gravity storms and monsters. For reference, a sequel was released on PS4 in 2017.

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Sony has big plans in cinema

Ridley Scott’s production company, Scott Free Productions, is reportedly working on the new film. Also, Emily Jerome, writer of the upcoming thriller Panopticon, is working on the scenario, and Anna Mastro, who directed Disney+’s Secret Society of Second Born Royals and episodes of many notable series, is directing the film.

The Gravity Rush project underscores just how serious Sony is about expanding its range of games into film and television. Finally, it released an Uncharted movie earlier this year, and over the weekend it emerged that a Days Gone movie is in development. These are in addition to series based on the Twisted Metal, God of War and Horizon games, as well as the upcoming Gran Turismo and Ghost of Tsushima movies.

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Last but not least, a series based on The Last of Us will launch on HBO next year. The network released the first footage from the series on Sunday. The Last of Us Day is fast approaching and we probably won’t have to wait long for a full trailer.

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