Sony brings “Horizon” and “God of War” to Netflix and Prime Video: a “Gran Turismo” series is also underway

Sony has had a lot to discuss during its annual investor briefing, including plans to increase PlayStation 5 production and put the console in the hands of several people who want one.

One of the most interesting news came during the conference, when the company confirmed that it will adapt three more of its games in series.

A series based on Horizon games is on its way to Netflix and a God of War series will come on Prime Video, IGN reports. PlayStation Productions also has a developing Gran Turismo TV show, but it has not been revealed where you will be able to watch it.

Sony makes movies and series based on its games

The details of the three projects are few and far between. It remains to be seen who will be cast as Aloy, Kratos, Atreus and other characters (we have our fingers crossed for Alan Cumming as Mimir) and how Sony plans to make a TV show in Gran Turismo.

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Turning some of its biggest games into TV shows and movies has been a major focus for Sony in recent years. After more than a decade of trying to make an Uncharted movie, Sony Pictures has finally released one this year. A Ghost of Tsushima movie is also in development. As for television, a Twisted Metal series is on its way to Peacock, while filming for the first season of the highly anticipated HBO show The Last of Us is expected to end in the next few weeks.

Netflix has animated shows based on League of Legends, Castlevania and Cuphead, while a live-action series Resident Evil will debut in July. Amazon, on the other hand, is preparing a Fallout series and, if you will, a Mass Effect show in progress.

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Netflix has also unveiled the official trailer for The Gray Man, an action-packed thriller starring Avengers: Endgame, the Russo brothers. Ryan Gosling is an elite assassin on the run in the official trailer for The Gray Man. The adaptation of the novel of the same name by Mark Greaney has been in development for over a decade, changing directors – Ad Astra, James Gray, with the duo “Avengers: Endgame”, Russo brothers, in mid-2020. Although a variety of stars were previously in talks for the project, including Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron, Netflix eventually got the rights to Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans to lead the cast.

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