Someone bought Steve Jobs’ old, used shoes for $200,000

Someone paid over $200,000 US to get possession of Steve Jobs’ dirty old slippers. As the late Apple CEO was a person who didn’t keep much junk, these slippers, worn by him in the 70s and 80s when he founded Apple, were retrieved from the trash by his estate manager, Mark Sheff.

Steve Jobs’ slippers have been sold before, also at auction

Sheff sold them in 2016 at another auction for $2,000. Now, six years later, the new owner was hoping to get a “handsome” sum of a few tens of thousands of US dollars for these slippers, but to his surprise, someone wanted to own something used by Steve Jobs so badly that he was willing to part with $218,750. It’s possible that someone was someone in the “crypto” space, as the slippers also come with an NFT that includes a 360-degree shot of the slippers to hold them in cyberspace.

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Steve Jobs Slippers 3

The product description, sold through Julien’s Auctions, is amusing to say the least:

“The slippers are heavily used, but still intact. The soles and insoles still have the shape of Steve Jobs’ foot printed on them, made after years of use.”

The slippers, Brikenstock’s Arizona model, have previously been on display at various exhibitions, including the Salone del Mobile in Milan and Brikenstock’s headquarters in Germany, as well as Brikenstock’s first US store in New York.

steve jobs slippers

The value of these slippers seems to increase with each owner who puts them up for auction. It remains to be seen whether in a few years, the third (or fourth, if you count Jobs) will try to sell these slippers for even more.

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