Snow White star makes controversial comments about original film –

Disney’s upcoming remake of Snow White has already proven to be quite a controversial film, even though we have seen virtually nothing of it. The casting of Rachel Zegler irked the racists of the world, as did Halle Bailey’s performance as Ariel earlier this year.

But now it seems more “fans” are siding with Zegler, as in a recent interview she said she was not fond of the original Snow White movie and found it scary. Clips also surfaced of an interview in which she said the remake would change a lot from the original film, and that this time we would not see Snow White saved by the prince .

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It seems Disney fans just want to retell the same story in live-action remakes, without realizing that’s what the original is for. Although some have portrayed Zegler as having no respect for the source material, it seems she was just being honest about being afraid of the original as a child.

What do you think? Did Disney make a mistake with this casting?

Snow White star makes controversial comments about original film

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