Popular online game hacked: players constantly destroy the game world

With a snip everything is gone.  (Image: Marvel S... - adobe.stock.com)

With a snip everything is gone. (Image: Marvel / S… – adobe.stock.com)

Update from August 28, 2023, 1 p.m.: Publisher miHoYo spoke up on Twitter/X. The missing assets and items have been restored. There are only a few problems with items that are missing.

According to miHoYo, the co-op multiplayer mode works again as usual.

Anyone who has lost parts of their game world through another player should contact customer service with their user ID. They would then help him or her there.

Below is the original news.

Genshin Impact is an insanely popular F2P game. According to Charlie Intel, as of this writing (August 2023), the gacha game has more than 66 million players immersed in it.

According to Techradar, there is now a hacker attack for the first time that is making the Chinese publisher miHoYo sweat: With a hack, players can delete important objects and assets from another player’s game world and thus block all progress.

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What happened?

Although not yet officially confirmed by the developer, fans of the game have reported issues on social media with malicious players using third-party software to remove important items and assets from the in-game world.

That’s why it’s so critical: Not only does it prevent players from finding chests and rewards, but it can also result in the game simply not progressing if story-related assets have been deleted.

In this case, the score is simply broken. Even after a fresh install everything is gone.

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You can read here how hackers use ChatGPT to get your data:

How does it work?

The hack works with a character named Kaveh. This deals damage to enemies in a certain radius around it via an Area of ​​Effect (AoE) attack.

Third-party software turns this attack into a destroyer of the world. Then not only opponents take damage, but also your game world.

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This happened to a Chinese player in a multiplayer game. He shows the effects on his account in a video on the Chinese video portal Bilibili.

First the cannon was there, now it’s gone. (Image: Bilibili)

The hack is discussed in the corresponding Reddit forum, where those affected can exchange ideas.

It is advised not to let foreign players into your own world or to enter worlds of unknown players. It is still unclear whether the hack works worldwide or only on Chinese servers.

Although the situation is delicate, especially as the developer miHoYo has not yet made a statement at the time of the article, a number of memes have already emerged. Especially that the character with whom the hack is carried out is an architect within the story is not without a certain irony.

Because of current relevance: Thanks to the hack, the quote does not only apply to Oppenheimer.

Because of current relevance: Thanks to the hack, the quote does not only apply to Oppenheimer.

However, comparisons are mainly made with Thanos, the well-known villain from Marvel’s Avengers universe.

Nonetheless, players should exercise caution for now until the company behind Genshin Impact takes care of the issue.

We have already reported on how China takes care of the mobile phone time of its underage citizens. We also discussed in the GameStar Podcast why games in China have two faces.

Using a hack, players wantonly destroy the world of other gamers in Genshin Impact and prevent them from progressing. Have you ever encountered a game-breaking bug or hack? Do you know abstruse stories from the world of online gaming? Write us your experiences in the comments and share them.

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