Chess Watch, new chess streaming analysis service

If there is a winner of the coronavirus pandemic it is the chess industry.. It is no secret that the popularity of the game began to grow during the confinement: both the audience of players and the number of viewers of professional tournaments broadcast online increased considerably.. The most important events gather hundreds of thousands of viewers who follow chess worldwide through many different platforms such as Twitch and YouTube.

In addition, chess has become more popular not only as a professional sport but also as part of the entertainment industry.. Thus, amateur events with influencers are also able to attract tens and hundreds of thousands of enthusiasts to the screens. Many large online platforms are investing in the chess broadcasting industry: and to make decisions they also relied (among other things) on the statistics previously provided by platforms such as Esports Charts & Streams Charts. That is why the team behind both have just announced the launch of a service dedicated specifically to the analysis of live chess broadcasts.

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Chess Watch is the cradle of all things related to chess viewing on the Internet.. Among the advantages of the new service is a huge and constantly updated database of tournaments and their spectator well as grandmasters and common chess enthusiasts who broadcast live and attract a large audience. Chess Watch is a site for those who are not only interested in online chess audience, but also want to increase audience performance.

Esports Charts has been synonymous with eSports broadcast analysis and live events and now, with great pleasure, we present Chess Watch. With improved filters, smooth navigation and a data fusion of our other resource, Streams Charts, we are not only keeping pace but also setting new standards for chess broadcast information. It’s amazing to note that chess events are already shoulder-to-shoulder in popularity with the top-tier titles in the gaming industry, and this is just the beginning.

Artyom Odintsov, CEO, Esports Charts and Streams Charts

What does Chess Watch offer?

Chess Watch provides customers with detailed statistics on the popularity of tournaments, channels (both corporate and influencers) and individual broadcasts on the world’s most popular streaming platforms, including Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Kick and others.

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Data collected and analyzed includes audience behavior graphs, individual language statistics, event data by day/stage, channel data analysis, chat analysis and more. All statistics are collected in the event and influencer databases, which also contains a lot of additional information, such as various ratings.

They also offer customers several. customized solutionssuch as audio and video brand tracking, broadcast viewer sentiment analysis and streaming media value estimates. The database can also be accessed through an API, which facilitates the integration of statistics into databases.

Finally, it will also have a news section, where you can find information about the streaming chess audience, as well as read interesting stories about grandmasters who have found themselves not only in competitions but also in the streaming industry, where they are watched by thousands of people.

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