Snapchat for Web will be accessible without the need for a Snapchat+ subscription

Snapchat for Web debuted as a “privilege” reserved for Snapchat+ subscribers with severely limited functionality, much like the Whats App Web alternative.

Feeling the pressure of competition, or perhaps just the awkwardness of the situation, Snapchat’s admin decided to drop the hiding of a feature considered basic to other messaging platforms, opening up the Snapchat for Web interface to all Snapchat users. Still, you end up with the same interface with basic features, with the development of this version of the Snapchat client seemingly left waiting for better times for the business that, while it preceded TikTok, failed to hinder its rise to global fame.

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The good news is that now anyone can use their own PC to exchange messages with other Snapchat for Web users, using the physical keyboard instead of the virtual one. Theoretically, this is an asset that can help you carry on longer conversations with Snapchat friends. But in practice, the “basic” functionality might be the limiting factor. You simply won’t be able to impress your friends with all the Snapchat filters and effects available in the smartphone app, and the whole experience starts to feel like a Facebook Messenger session.

Snapchat’s admin does note, however, that it will add more so-called “core features” from the main mobile app if there is demand for them.

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