Mac Studio exceeds the price of 9,000 euros in the top configuration

Apple unveiled its new productivity computer, Mac Studio, last night, starting at US $ 1,999, but like any other Apple product, the base model doesn’t tell the whole story. Those who want more RAM, a more powerful GPU or more storage will have to pay a lot more than the price of individual components in the PC market. That’s because everything in Mac Studio is integrated, with the ability to add new components along the way. Thus, you have to decide from the beginning if you only need the basic configuration, or if you will need more time.

Mac Studio with M1 Max starts at 2,300 euros

Prices in Europe are, of course, slightly higher than in the USA. This is because taxes are included in the direct price and not added at the end of the order. Mac Studio in the basic version, with M1 Max processor with 10-core CPU and 24-core GPU, 32 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage, starts at 2,299 euros (compared to $ 1,999).

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This basic model, with M1 Max, can be upgraded to an M1 Max version with 32 GPU cores, for 230 euros and can have dual RAM, 64 GB for another 460 euros. There is also the option to upgrade to SSD: 1 TB for 230 euros, 2 TB for 690 euros, 4 TB for 1,380 euros or 8 TB for 2,760 euros. Basically, upgrading to the largest internal storage costs more than the entire basic computer.

In the end, if you choose the M1 Max and all possible upgrades, the final price of Mac Studio reaches 5,749 euros.

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The top model with M1 Ultra can exceed 9,000 euros with all upgrades applied

But the price of the model with the new processor, M1 Ultra is even higher. For a dual-performance processor, ie 20 CPU cores and 48 GPU cores, with 64 GB of memory and 1 TB of storage in the basic version, you pay 4,599 euros from the beginning. This model should be more powerful than a PC equipped with the best components on the market, says Apple, with significantly lower consumption.

mac studio m1 ultra

But it can also receive a 64-core processor on the GPU, for 1,150 euros, it can receive another 64 GB of RAM for a total of 128 GB for 920 euros and it can go from 1 TB to 2, 4 or 8 TB for 460, 1,150 and 2,530 euros, respectively. Top version, with all upgrades applied, thus reaching 9,199 euros.

The only accessory included in the Mac Studio box is a power cord.

source: Apple

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