Smart home gadget allows you to control almost all switches with your cell phone

Allow us to introduce you: perhaps the most useful everyday helper since the invention of the Thermomix. Too high? Fiscal fact: if you want to make your home smart home-compatible, from A for augmented reality to Z for draft adapter, you have to shell out a few euros on the counter.

The Fingerbot, salvaged for you from the depths of the internet, sees itself as a cost-conscious alternative. Check out the following video from TikToker givemchills:

What is the finger bot?

The cute device dares to bridge the gap between traditional devices without a smart home connection and smart gadgets that can be controlled via smartphone. Basically the Fingerbot as remote finger to understand which can be triggered by tapping on the smartphone display. It all works via Bluetooth.

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The Fingerbot is offered by Adaprox, a company specializing in easy-to-use smart home products.

How does the finger bot work?

The Fingerbot is therefore a mini device in the format of a game cube. It is controlled via an app for the smartphone. The highlight: Even household items that are actually not smart at all are becoming smart devices thanks to Fingerbot.

Control is via the app Adaprox Home for iOS and Android handsets.

Some of the settings options of the app are as follows.

  • The speed of the lever movement is adjustable
  • Two different modes: Switch and Click. With a click, the lever of the Fingerbots moves down and straight up again. With Switch, the lever moves down – and stays in this position.
  • The up and down movement of the lever can be inverted. That means: The lever first moves up and then down again – or vice versa.
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Is the finger bot worth it?

YouTuber Chris Xia took a close look at the device. According to Chris, in addition to the actual Fingerbot, a tool pack is also available.

The Fingerbot comes with a charging cable. The Tool Pack includes several attachments for the Fingerbot; these attachments are suitable for different purposes, depending on the type of switch on your device.

On the homepage of the manufacturer Adaprox, the Fingerbot is offered in three different versions:

  • Single Unit (includes only the Fingerbot)
  • Single Kit (includes Fingerbot and Toolbox)
  • Pro Kit (includes two Fingerbots, Toolbox and a HomeHub Bluetooth station)

In your opinion, is the Fingerbot a fine innovation that can be sensibly incorporated into everyday life? Or is it a technical gimmick that no one who has two brain cells left really needs? Do you think GameStar Tech should approach the Fingerbot as part of a relentless endurance test? We look forward to your opinions and thoughts in our comments!

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