M.2 NVMe SSD from Crucial on sale!

If your PC is too slow, you may have neglected your hard drive. One of the best upgrades to fix this problem is an M.2 SSD with NVMe protocol. The right solution for this is currently available from Amazon in the form of the P3 from Crucial with 1 TB just under €57 instead of the recommended retail price of 71.90 euros. That’s a whopping 21 percent savings!

Buy a cheap M.2 SSD from Amazon now

Fast storage, fast PC

With the Crucial P3 Plus M.2 NVMe SSD, a leistungsstarkes Solid State Drive (SSD) and gives you a whole terabyte of memory. So there is enough space, no matter what you do with your PC. From games to photos to videos and documents, you will hardly be stopped by a hard drive that is too small.l

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One of the outstanding features of the P3 SSD is the use of NVMe technology, which stands for Non-Volatile Memory Express. NVMe is a high speed protocolwhich is specifically designed for use with solid-state drives and enables faster data transfer speeds compared to traditional storage technologies such as SATA.

The P3 SSD is PCIe Gen3 x4 compatible, allowing for fast sequential Read speeds of up to 3500MB/s and enables read/write accesses with 650K/700K IOPS. This makes it the perfect drive for demanding work ranging from gaming to video editing to 3D rendering.

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Is the P3 the right drive for you?

Everything you need to know about SSDs to get one good purchase decision You can find out how to meet them in the following article. There you will also find further links to the currently best SSDs with all their advantages and disadvantages.

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