Since I got an e-scooter, I don’t want to be without it

The Navee V40 is a solid e-scooter at a low price.

The Navee V40 is a solid e-scooter at a low price.

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I live in the country and have always laughed at e-scooters in the cities. Now I tried the Navee V40 and came to the conclusion that I was wrong and should have bought an e-scooter much sooner. You can find out in my test what the reasons are and what needs to be taken into account when it comes to small vehicles.

This is how I tested

I used the Navee V40 for two weeks. I used it regularly for shorter (less than 1 kilometer) and longer (up to 5 kilometers) trips on asphalt roads and gravel paths.

I drove both during the day and at dusk. I used sport mode most of the time because 15 km/h was usually too slow in normal driving mode. My total range is around 25 kilometers. I didn’t have to charge the battery during this time.

The e-scooter was provided to me by Geekmaxi for the test. The provider had no say in the item content. With the coupon NAVEEV40GS you get another discount, which reduces the price to 389 euros.

Facility and rules

Before you can get on your own e-scooter, there are several things you need to consider. On the legal side, you need liability insurance and a license plate for the electric scooter. This can be purchased easily and simply from an insurance company and only costs a few euros for a year.

The law requires that you do not have to wear a helmet up to a speed of 20 km/h, but it is still recommended.

Even after you have a license plate, the Navee V40 still won’t start. You first set up the scooter using the “Xiaomi Home” app. The manufacturer does a great job of slowly introducing the user to the device. In addition to video instructions for assembly, the app explains all the important functions step by stepbefore finally activating it.

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In the app you can view the charge level, estimated range and more.

In the app you can view the charge level, estimated range and more.

As soon as the setup is complete, the app provides an overview of the current charge, the expected remaining range and your last trips. You can also choose whether the headlight should be switched on sensor-controlled or manually by you. The possible energy recovery can also be set here.

What might be most interesting, however, is the ability to lock the electric scooter so that no one else can use it. This can be practical if he has to stay outside in the city or you can’t always keep an eye on him.

It’s a bit of a shame that the smartphone can’t be paired as a digital key, but that would be too much to expect given the price.

The Navee V40 is equipped with a disc brake at the rear.

The Navee V40 is equipped with a disc brake at the rear.

Off to the streets

After setting it up and attaching the adhesive license plate, we immediately went out on the street to get a feel for the e-scooter. It should be noted that I didn’t have to start at full speed right away, but instead I first activated the “walking” driving mode in order to cover a few test meters at up to 6 km/h.

We then continued in “Normal” gear (D), which increased the speed to 15 km/h. Pressing the start button twice changes the driving mode and the fastest is “Sport” (S), which accelerates the electric scooter up to 20 km/h.

On the edge of the steering wheel there is a bell, an on-board computer, the brake and the acceleration lever.

On the edge of the steering wheel there is a bell, an on-board computer, the brake and the acceleration lever.

The large 10-inch tires ensure a good driving experience not only on smooth roads, but also on uneven roads, such as cycle paths in the country. Smaller thresholds and lowered curbs also do not pose a problem.

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According to the manufacturer, the engine can easily handle inclines of up to 15 percent. We cannot confirm this. Steep roads can also be mastered with the Navee V40, although you have to be prepared for a slight loss of speed.

You don’t need to be afraid going downhill. The integrated motor brake can be set high to recover energy at the same time. The small scooter is also equipped with a dual braking system to bring it to a stop quickly. A disc brake is installed on the rear tire to ensure optimal braking performance.

The little things

According to the manufacturer the Navee V40 is certified with IP55 and therefore resists dust and rain. We have to believe the manufacturer here, as we only had nighttime rain during our test phase. With the bright LED headlights Of course it wouldn’t have been a problem, but given the extra autumn leaves on the streets, it’s advisable not to necessarily take the risk.

There is also a bell on the handlebar. Of course I would have liked a horn here, but the bicycle bell also does its job and much more. Because the manufacturer uses the operating lever in a second way.

If you release the lock on the handlebar, it can be folded down and the lever snaps into place on the mudguard of the rear wheel for transport.

If desired, an AirTag can disappear into the handlebar.

If desired, an AirTag can disappear into the handlebar.

When the scooter is folded up, another function becomes apparent. There is also the option of optionally hiding an AirTag in the handlebar. A protective silicone cover is included, which is simply inserted so that the scooter can be located if it is stolen.

In addition to the horn, which would have increased the price slightly, there is another feature that could have been implemented without additional costs: the driving mode, light, speed and battery level can be viewed as bars in the on-board computer. In the latter case, a percentage charge level or remaining range would be much more practical to see.

What is your opinion about e-scooters? Feel free to write it in the comments below!

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