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Shiba Inu supporters believe that the launch of Shibarium is imminent, as a number of community members have shared animated images of countdown clocks on the networks.

Shiba Inu meme token project announces launch of L2 scaling app Shibarium

On December 19, 2022, the Shiba Inu meme token gained about 2.3% amidst the economic crisis, a large number of rumors claim that the layer two (L2) Shibarium project is on its way.

It has been said that the developers behind the SHIB-centric L2 scaling project launched Shibarium in a private setting during the alpha testnet phase. The developers reported that the most difficult part of the software development was the wallet application, but that other than that, the results were good.

Then, on December 15, the Shiba Inu team member and Discord administrator called “Shibakrakentweeted an image of an animated clock. Another community member, “Shib Trophias“also has tweeted another animated image of a countdown clock on the same day. We suspect that these teases hint at the launch of the L2 Shibarium project.

I can’t wait to see what happens when the clock stops ticking“, said a fan of SHIB in response to Shib Trophias’ tweet.

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This speculation has caused a flurry of social media accounts discussing the likelihood that Shibarium will launch soon. A SHIB supporter nicknamed “Classystated:: “The BIG day for SHIB is tomorrow – Many are speculating that Shibarium is coming. It would be MASSIVE. We have been waiting for a long time seems like an eternity.” On December 17, Shib Trophias updated the community with a tweet and stated::

The first thing to do is to update our main website. This is much needed and is our first step towards launching the beta version of Shibarium. The entire site will not be launched at once. Deployments will be done in stages and we will try to make it as smooth as possible. We hope you like it.

According to the countdown hosted on, there are just over three hours left on the countdown. The countdown was shared December 17, by SHIB’s verified account (@shibtoken).

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