She ‘struggled’ to get a Bucharest ID and Romanians have loved her ever since. Drama of the actress whose husband died in her arms on stage, Catrinel Dumitrescu VIDEO

Catrinel Dumitrescu is one of the most famous theatre and film actresses in our country.

Beautiful, feminine and extremely discreet, she managed to conquer the hearts of Romanian cinephiles immediately after being cast in the 1983 film Buletin de București.

Catrinel Dumitrescu – photo: prelure Viva magazine

Catrinel Dumitrescu has been on a theatre stage since before she was born

Catrinel Dumitrescu was born on 11 October 1956, in Brăila, to a mother who was an actress and a father who was a technical director at the Maria Filotti Theatre.

It can be said that the actress took to the stage for the first time in her life before she was born, since her mother acted even during her pregnancy.

She would grow up on stage and, in time, “breathe” theatre through every pore.

“I remember, when I first opened my eyes, what impressed me about the theater: The glowing chandeliers, the feverish mood of celebration before each performance, the hum of the auditorium that could be heard over the booth speakers, the technical director’s voice asking the audience to take their seats in the auditorium, the bustle of the costumed booth attendants, I loved the smell of freshly ironed clothes that kept the smell of make-up and sweat and mothballs, and the concerned, excited actors looked like geese waiting for the gong that announces the evening hour when they will acquire the power to light up and become fireflies”, Catrinel Dumitrescu declared according to

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At the age of 16, when she was still a schoolgirl, she had the opportunity to attract the attention of director Alexandru Tocilescu, who was looking for a talented young girl to act in his show called Svanevit.

This chance gave her confidence in her own strength, so she applied to the I.L. Caragiale Institute of Theatre and Cinema, getting in on the first try and ending up in Octavian Cotescu’s class.

“From him I learned that on the stage you tell the truth unconditionally, that art is serene, that the artistic vocation is something that is inside you from the moment you are born and you must devote your whole life to it without expecting anything in return.

From him I learned to refuse easy roads, not to blame others and to take on my failures and especially that theatre is made with love and trust and that we, actors, try through “our art” to make people better,” the actress also said, according to the source quoted above.

Catrinel Dumitrescu

She saw her husband die, on stage

Despite being in the spotlight all the time, Catrinel Dumitrescu has been extremely discreet about her personal life.

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Even so, the love story she had with Emil Hossu was an extraordinary one, and the feelings between the two were visible without them having to say a word. They respected and loved each other, and for ten years they performed together on stage in the play Two on a Bench.

On January 25, 2012, fate caught them together again, but this time in the most tragic way possible. During Aniversare, Emil Hossu suddenly collapsed on stage and died shortly afterwards.

“I remember there was a big crowd, the rescue came. My film is broken and I haven’t even tried to go back to those moments because they were terrible. They just mowed me down,” the actress recalled.

Those in the audience remember that the actor’s last words were dedicated to her, reminding her that he loved her.

“All our lives I keep her alive. For me the unfortunate event did not happen I always feel the loss as if it happened recently.

Of course time has lessened the intensity of the pain a little, but all the memories are alive. And the most vivid memory is of the moment I realized he was gone. That memory remains vivid and intense every day of my life.”

Since then, Catrinel Dumitrescu has not remarried, but remains a constant presence on the theatre stage.

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