Parkside’s latest garden care tools on offer at Lidl from today

Every Monday, Lidl stores introduce new special products on offer, with a weekly theme. This week, as spring is here and many will be starting to get their gardens revamped, Lidl is introducing more useful tools around the house. So if you’re planning to put in a plant watering system, need to brighten up an area of your yard or are preparing for when you’ll be cutting back unwanted grass or weeds, you should pay a visit to your nearest store

Of the garden offer, the ‘best value’ product in the new Lidl offer is a 6-in-1 Mower from Parkside. It runs on petrol and benefits from a 1.5kW engine. As a larger engine model, the mower has a rucksack-style system to house this engine, as well as various attachments to serve as a complete garden care device.

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The mower comes equipped with a lawn trimmer and a “standard” mower head, but can also be equipped with a hedge trimmer, leaf blower, height trimmer and lawn edger. So, with one machine, you can replace 4-5 other devices you might have in your shed. The price is £1,299, but if you don’t have any of those tools to hand, this could be the economical choice.

Lidl also sells two Sumbersible Water Pumps, one for clean water and one for dirty water , used for irrigation. The price is 219 lei for the clean water one and 299 lei for the one with dirty water, the latter being equipped with a filter system. A hose reel costs 199 lei and comes with 20 metres of hose with connectors at each end, and sprinklers of various kinds come at 19.99 lei apiece for the simpler models and 59.99 lei for those that can move when water runs through them.

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On the lighting front we have a solar-powered LED spotlight that lights up using a motion sensor. It can be mounted on the wall outside and can illuminate a darker area. The price is 129 lei. For those who want to decorate their garden with figurines that light up at night, also equipped with a photovoltaic panel for power, various figurines are available, priced from 16.99 lei to 54.99 lei.

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