She liked to be loved, and the man she loved died, much too early, of cancer: Marina Voica, a spirit always young, but not without problems

Marina Voica is one of the country’s most beloved singers of all time, even today.

Over the years, the artist from the former USSR has built a career in Romania, attracting attention with her youthful ease and spirit, shown even at an age when other women would prefer to devote themselves to other activities.

At one point, Marina Voica translated into Romanian and sang one of the most beloved songs of the British band Pulp (a remake of which you can listen to in this article), saying that she was also part of the band’s fan club, hence the idea of taking over the famous hit.

Marina Voica – archive image from the artist’s youth

Marina Voica, a young spirit, regardless of age

Marina Voica (Marina Alexandrovna Nicolskaya) was born on 3 September 1936 in Ivanovo, USSR, and is currently one of our country’s best-loved light music soloists.

About her, it can be said that she belongs to the golden generation of Romanian light music, being also an undeniable and extremely charismatic presence in the country’s entertainment shows in the last decades.

Broadly speaking, Marina Voica can be associated with about 850 songs recorded and released on a series of 27 records, 3 cassettes, 6 CDs and on radio, TV, sung on tours in the country and abroad, with countless TV appearances, entertainment and variety programs, revels, musical trips, with prizes in national and international competitions, a long string of awards of excellence from several TV stations, radio stations, record companies and important magazines and publications in Romania and abroad, as well as nine seasons performed at the Constantin Tănase Revival Theatre.

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Marina Voica – recital – archive image

She loved to be loved, and her great love left her side too soon

Marina Voica loved and loved to be loved. This detail was to be confessed by her herself, in an interview, at some point.

“I didn’t give much attention and affection to my two husbands, who loved me more than life. They longed for my love and I didn’t give them enough. I played, I was careless. My only excuse was that I liked being loved. Actually, it’s not an excuse, it’s an explanation… I can’t fix anything. It’s terrible to live with such regrets, Marina Voica admitted in the interview.

She married Marcel Voica at first, but he was to be the first to mark her life.

“I was 19 and a big girl. Marcel Voica had come into my life and everyone knew we were together. But he had to leave because he had finished college. I was totally disoriented, I needed him. So I decided to get married. But if my mother hadn’t died, I wouldn’t have taken that step and come to Romania.

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Who knows what my life would have been like. My father asked Marcel to let me stay in Russia until I got my diploma. Marcel agreed. We only got to live as husband and wife for a year. Then Marcel went to Romania,” the artist also said.

Voica she would leave for Viorel Teodorescu. “One day, a doctor called me, Viorel Teodorescu. He had seen me on TV and had fallen in love with me. We met once, twice. Eventually, I fell in love with him too. Later I found out he wasn’t even a doctor, he was just a student. But I wasn’t interested anymore. I loved him and that was enough. I divorced Voica after six years of marriage.”

The relationship with Teodorescu was not without its problems. “We lived for two years in cohabitation, at my mother-in-law’s house… at Viorel’s mother’s. The Soviet Embassy told me: What, you divorced? And why are you still living in Romania? Go back! I came home crying from the embassy. They threatened to send me to Russia within 24 hours. I got Romanian citizenship only after two years, when I got married. I was 26 and Viorel was 23.”

Unfortunately, Viorel Teodorescu would die prematurely of cancer. The two had been married for 17 years before the tragic event took place.

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