AQIRYS Lyra review: wireless headphones for music and gaming with many connectivity options

Romanian brand AQIRYS is known for its great value-for-money gaming products. Last year the brand included in its portfolio a device that targets a slightly wider audience than usual.

The AQIRYS Lyra headphones can be used not only for gaming but also for listening to music, thanks to the integrated self-adjusting dynamic equalizer. This is also suggested by the name which obviously comes from a musical instrument.

The headphones come with a sleek design and don’t scream “We’re gaming headphones!” as most of these devices do.

Lyra feature two microphones, one external (for gaming) and another, internal, for voice calls. The external microphone can be detached when the user goes out in public and uses the device for music, podcasts or calls.

The earphones are available in three colours: black, white and pink. We tested the black version.

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The cups and the band that connects them are covered, where they make contact with the head, with fine imitation leather. Elsewhere, the Lyra is made mostly of soft, pleasant-to-touch plastic. The only elements that stand out are two silver areas at the border between the sponges and cups, and the AQIRYS logos, one on each helmet. The adjustable headband is reinforced on the inside with metal for extra strength.

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All buttons, plugs and removable microphone are on the left earcup. There’s an On/Off button, two volume knobs and one for disabling dynamic vibrations.

The Lyra headphones can vibrate depending on what’s going on in the video games being played, and have a dedicated 30mm driver for this. Also on the left earcup we find the 3.5mm universal audio jack and the charging jack which is unfortunately micro-USB. I didn’t understand why AQIRYS didn’t opt for a USB-C connector, which it uses on all the other devices in its portfolio.

The volume buttons also have another function. If pressed at the same time they can disable the lights, which automatically turn on every time the headphones are turned on. I would have preferred if there was a special button to disable the RGB system completely. Another AQIRYS product I use and appreciate, the Polaris wireless mouse, has such an element.

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The lights are displayed in several areas: on the AQIRYS logos and in the circles on each headset. Precisely because these helmets were designed to be taken out I think AQIRYS should have included a way for the lights to be permanently disabled.

The helmets are foldable to take up less space in a bag or backpack and feature a special zippered case for extra protection during transport. I appreciate that the AQIRYS includes all the necessary accessories (besides the charging cable) in the box, including an audio cable and an extension cord for it.

The headphones weigh 260 grams and are comfortable. Even after wearing sessions of two to three hours they didn’t feel like a burden.

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