Sensational Dacia created by a Romanian: it could bankrupt Mercedes or Ford, if it were

A Romanian, Ioan Theodor Tănase, realized three spectacular Dacia van concepts. Theodor is an engineer at the Dacia plant in Mioveni and worked a total of about 70 hours on the three concepts. These are, however, still at the level of personal projects.

The young man gave the name Dacia Orient for the three Dacian van concepts that would even compete with the Ford Tourneo or Mercedes V Class.

“I thought of the three concepts in the idea of ​​putting the front design forms from the current version of Logan on the van version, and for the rear light block I went with the Jogger version. I tried to get as close as possible to the design of the Jogger, but at the same time keeping the van shapes. I made a version that is mostly used for freight transport, another variant with a larger displacement of up to 7.5 tons and I also thought of an electric version on the same body type, especially for the city, with considerable autonomy “, said Theodor Ioan Tănase for Adevărul.

Dacia Orient All
Dacia electric van concept – PHOTO: Theodor Ioan Tănase

Dacia reinterpreted, through the ingenuity of a young engineer

The realization of the three concepts took about 70 hours, the most time being allocated for the different bodies.

“As features, I would think of the current variants that exist on Dacia models. The market is becoming more expensive and I am thinking of simpler versions, but which would respect the standards imposed by the European Union “, said Theodor Ioan Tănase, for the same source.

But Theodor is not the first concept of this kind, last year he drew a unique concept of the Dacia 1300, a version that includes, among other things, video cameras instead of rear-view mirrors. The reinterpreted Dacia 1300 also has touch sensors for steering wheel controls, and this feature is repeated on the secondary infotainment display.

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As a reference, sales of Dacia cars in Europe rose by 13.6% in February, and the car manufacturer’s market share rose to 3.6% from 3% in the same period of 2021, according to published data by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association (ACEA), according to Reuters.

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