Satellite emergency call on iPhone 14 now available in Europe

Apple is moving fast with the launch of satellite communication features. Just a month after launching in the US and Canada, iPhone 14 models now get Emergency SOS in some of the countries in Europe. These capabilities are dedicated to those in emergency situations in areas where phones don’t have GSM signals from telecom antennas. They can then send a distress message via satellite to local authorities.

iPhone 14 users in some countries will be able to call for help in an emergency, even without a phone signal

Emergency SOS has already saved the life of an iPhone user in Alaska and will be able to save others in emergencies in Europe too. The first European countries to get the new functionality on the newest generation iPhone are France, Germany, Ireland and the UK. iPhone 14 users must be on iOS version 16.1 and be in an area with no signal to start the satellite rescue process.

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The phone provides on-screen prompts to align antennas with nearby communications satellites and integrates a quick quiz that will provide authorities with necessary information such as whether you’re in immediate danger, if you have water on you, if you’re injured, as well as GPS coordinates. This way, response teams can have a precise area to search, but also take the necessary supplies to save the lives of people in danger.

To activate the function, a long press of the power and volume buttons or a five-press of the power button is required. From there the emergency options appear.

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“This launch means more people will be able to contact 112 when they have no phone signal and need emergency assistance. We are confident that this feature will save many lives and provide significant help to the emergency services that often face these complicated rescue cases.”said Gary Machado, CEO of the European Emergency Number Association.

source: Engadget

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