Sarah Bond and Matt Booty receive promotion in reorganization at Xbox team – That’s Gaming

Surely the next few months and years are going to look the most different for Microsoft, in part because of its acquisition of Activision Blizzard. As a result, the company has quite a few steps in reorganization ahead of it, according to The Verge.

As part of the reorganization, high-ranking people currently under the Xbox banner will be getting promotions. Sarah Bond, formerly vice president of Xbox, will now become division president, in addition Matt Booty, formerly head at Xbox Game Studios, will continue as president of Game content and studios.

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In an internal memo sent to staff, CEO Phil Spencer let it be known that bond “manage the platform of today, and build the platform of tomorrow,” with this she has the Xbox platform, hardware and software under her belt for the future.

Booty’s role gives him not only Xbox Game Studios, but also Zenimax, Spencer said, this will “enable Xbox Game Studios and ZeniMax’s development studios to collaborate effectively together.” Spencer also explained that Jamie leather will still remain the president at Zenimax.

It remains to be seen how everything will really fall into place with the new acquisitions, but it promises to be an exciting few years

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