Samsung, not Apple, could launch phone without physical buttons in near future

Even though Apple is the company known to take a component out of its phones year after year, presumably wanting them to once be built from a single, unbroken piece of metal, other companies have tried over the years to do away with certain components. While Apple has just now ditched the SIM card on some iPhone models, Samsung is reportedly preparing for the phone without physical buttons, according to the latest rumors published from Twitter.

A Galaxy S model in the near future could ditch physical buttons altogether

This concept of a phone without buttons and ports isn’t exactly new. A few years ago, Vivo and Meizu came up with concept devices with such a design that did away with physical ports and buttons. Incidentally, even Huawei launched the Huawei Mate 30 Pro three years ago, a phone with a curved screen over the edge and no physical volume buttons. It only included a Power button.

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According to OreXda, a Twitter leaker, Samsung is reportedly planning to create a full-screen phone, uninterrupted by any cutouts, covering the entire front and even the sides of the device. It would ditch the physical volume and power buttons in favor of virtual buttons positioned on the edge of the screen.

We can already intuit why many users will think this is not a good idea, as there have been such failed attempts in the past. Even physical pressure-sensing buttons without mechanical presses have proven to be inadequate for a good user experience.

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According to the source, the plan is not for this concept phone to launch next year with the S23 series, but later, probably in another two years. This could be the S23, or perhaps an original concept phone, dedicated to the South Korean market.

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