This wind turbine produces electricity, hydrogen and charges electric vehicles

A US startup has developed a wind turbine significantly different from others on the market. The Kohilo Cyclone is a multi-purpose system that generates renewable energy.

The technology was developed by US startup Kohilo Wind and is distributed in Europe by Belgian company Wingardium Energy.

The wind turbine is a vertical axis turbine and can produce electricity as well as hydrogen even when there is no wind. What’s more, the system works as a charging station for electric or hydrogen-powered vehicles.

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This is not a concept system. Kohilo turbines are already operating in Israel, the Philippines, Brazil and the US, and an 8 MW turbine will be built this year in the Netherlands.

A large turbine of this size costs €20-30 million (includes installation costs), but has a life of 40-45 years and is made from recycled materials.

The standard unit has a capacity of 1.6 MW, weighs 126 tonnes and is 74 metres high. For maximum performance, the turbine must be installed in the middle of a 39-acre area of land on which there are no obstructions.

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The Kohilo Cyclone has no moving outer parts so it poses no danger to birds and bats. The system produces electricity at winds between 1.6 and 56 m/s.

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