Samsung has simplified Galaxy S23 battery replacement

Although it’s Samsung’s most advanced phone, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is also one of the easiest to repair, with the South Korean manufacturer making visible efforts to ease repairs that can extend the life of the device, such as battery replacement.

While the rival iPhone 14 Pro Max is being decried for the degree of difficulty of repairs, with interventions requiring a lot of preparation time and care, the S23 Ultra is an example in a good way. Although it comes attached with quite a bit of adhesive, necessary to guarantee water protection, the cover affixed to the back of the phone can be removed relatively easily. And if it is damaged, the price of a replacement cover is about 20 euros, very little when compared to the total cost of the phone.

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The rest of the components are fixed with a single type of screw that can be extracted with a standard screwdriver, i.e. reassembled in no particular order. Ribbon connectors and the few modules fixed with adhesive can be removed without damage.

Exposed in just a few minutes of “screwing”, the 5000mAh battery comes with an adhesive peel-off label, facilitating manual removal with minimal risk of damaging the phone’s casing or internal components. At the same time, the fixing method is well thought out enough to prevent damage to the Li-ion battery, which could catch fire if bent too hard or punctured. With very minor differences, the battery replacement operation is carried out in a similar way on the other models in the S23 family.

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Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the screen replacement, which involves removing all the components and reassembling them in the aluminium chassis that comes integrated with the new screen.

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