Samsung could be preparing a “Tri-Fold” foldable device with two hinges

Samsung Display, the display-making division of the South Korean giant, has been showcasing various foldable device concepts, including one that folds multiple times, for several years now. But it seems that it might not be until 2023 that we see a commercial product of this kind from Samsung on the market, as the first rumours suggesting this are starting to emerge. In fact, the launch could happen very soon, along with the other foldable models in 2023.

New foldable “tablet” could launch alongside other Galaxy Z models from 2023

For the past few years, Samsung has shown its intentions for the foldable area: this replaces the August launch, which was traditionally reserved for models in the Note range. Now that the Note series has been basically “consolidated” into the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy Z range of devices can experiment in the foldable area with various new forms and features.

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This year, in August, the new Galaxy Z Flip5 and Fold5 are expected, which will bring some long-awaited changes for fans. On the Flip side we can expect a larger screen on the outside, which will improve many aspects of using a flip, while the Fold model will bring changes to the hinge and size.

Alongside these, Samsung could also be preparing its first foldable tablet, a “Tri-Fold” model with two hinges and the ability to fold into the shape of the letter Z. We’ve seen such concepts in the past few years at the demonstration level, and the possibilities seem even greater than for foldable smartphones. You’ll be able to carry a device with a huge, tablet-like display that you can actually run productivity tasks on, in a device that can be folded and carried in a pocket or smaller bag.

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Details about this device are currently scarce, and the only mention of it at present is from Yogesh Brar, a well-known Twitter leaker. Brar also says that Samsung will not release a Galaxy S23 FE model this year, just as there was no S22 FE.

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