One UI Watch 5 – Samsung’s new operating system is expected to come with the new watches this year

A new update for Samsung's smartwatches is coming up.

A new update for Samsung’s smartwatches is coming up.

Like smartphones, smartwatches also receive an update for their software with each new generation. Of course, this also applies to owners of a Galaxy Watch from Samsung.

Samsung introduces the fifth version of One UI Watch in its newsroom and gives us a glimpse of three new features.

Improved sleep tracking

The sleep tracking app UI has been overhauled. In contrast to the current version, in which the duration of sleep is emphasized, the sleep score is to be put in the foreground in the new one.

Besides, it can Sleep Coaching-Programm be retrieved directly from the clock. This will help break bad sleep habits.

In addition, the Galaxy Watch is getting a little smarter with One UI Watch 5: thanks to the new SmartThings-Integration For example, it is possible for devices in your smart home to switch off when the clock detects that you have fallen asleep.

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Fitness tracking with personalized heart rate zone training

With the new feature, the watch analyzes your fitness level and, based on this, recommends five different intensity levels for your training. These are called:

  • Warm Up
  • Fat Burn
  • Cardio
  • Hard-Training
  • Max. effort

Galaxy Watch Pro owners also benefit from an extended route workout. In addition to hiking and cycling, this will also support running and jogging. You will also be able to get recommendations for new routes via the Samsung Health app.

Automatic fall detection

Finally, there will be an update for the SOS function of the Galaxy Watches. If the feature is activated, if a fall is detected, the emergency call will be made automatically and the location of the injured person will be transmitted. The new function is activated at the factory for people over the age of 55.

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One UI 5 Watch is scheduled for release later this year. It is very likely that it will make its debut alongside the Galaxy Watch 6. Korean and US Galaxy Watch 4 and 5 owners can sign up for the new version beta program later this month.

The Galaxy Watch just got a small update that lets you identify music through the watch. You can read more about this here:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is getting an update that will make music fans in particular happy

What do you think of the new features of One UI 5 Watch? Do you own a Galaxy Watch and which software features would you like to have? Which features do you think Samsung should improve? And which of the currently available features is your most used and which do you not use at all? Tell us in the comments!

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