Samsung could also launch a foldable screen tablet early next year

Samsung has just released the fourth generation of foldable devices in its portfolio, but these are either phones that fold down to become smaller or open up to provide more but smaller workspace than on a tablet. But it looks like in the very near future, the company will also launch an actual tablet that folds. This is rumored to launch early next year, on the same day as the Galaxy Tab S9 models.

Galaxy Tab Z tablet with foldable screen could launch in the next six months

Just as the Galaxy Z series is a foldable version of traditional flagships, Samsung is preparing to launch a Galaxy Tab Z tablet with hardware as powerful as the upcoming Tab S9 models, but with a foldable screen. This suggests either that we’ll get a larger screen than on previous tablets that can be folded into a shape that takes up less space in a bag, or that we’ll be able to fold a regular-sized tablet into a shape that’s easier to carry in your pocket.

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Samsung has experimented over the past few years with several designs, from those we’ve seen on the market as smartphones that fold in half, to multi-folding models that end up folding like a newspaper, and even to systems that roll the screen either horizontally or vertically.

Given that an early 2023 launch is possible, Samsung has probably already chosen a design for this product category, but it’s currently unknown which one is the winner. The Naver blog, the source of this information only claims that such a device is in the works, but no other concrete information about it.

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Given that Samsung suggested a few months ago that a foldable screen laptop might be 17″ diagonal, we can assume that a foldable tablet will be smaller than that, however.

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