Samsung considers old search engine competitor for its phones

Google could expect a  billion loss in revenue.

Google could expect a $3 billion loss in revenue.

Which search engine do you use? Let’s guess: Probably Google, or? If you like using Samsung devices, at least the default search engine of your devices could change. And that of all things to the long frowned upon Google “competitor” Bing.

But the new edition of Bing, with GPT-4 under the hood, makes a formidable chatbot. Compared to ChatGPT, it can even use the Internet for itself and therefore also provide up-to-date data, indicate sources and browse links.

So it’s no wonder that Samsung is currently considering Abolish Google as the default search engine and introduce Bing for it.

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Bing as default on Samsung devices?

(Image: Samsung)

(Image: Samsung)

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According to a recent report, South Korean phone maker Samsung is considering the Switching the default search engine from Google to Microsoft’s Bing.

If they actually take this step, owners of the latest Galaxy models could soon be faced with a completely different search experience.

A report in the New York Times speaks of the surprise of Google employees at this news. She is said to be closed outright panic within the search engine giant.

According to the New York Times, Google then called on employees to work on a presentation that appease Samsung should. However, the reactions to this call are said to have been rather surprised and incredulous.

$3 billion in lost revenue for Google?

More and more companies are working on an AI-supported search. Google now seems to be trying harder to bring a mature product to market. So they finally want to compete with Microsoft’s ChatGPT-supported Bing experience. Google Bard is still lagging behind.

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Should Samsung actually switch to Bing, it could mean an annual loss of revenue for Google estimated $3 billion mean. It would end a 12-year partnership between Google and Samsung, which had previously provided Google search as the default option for Galaxy users worldwide.

At the moment he will Contract between Samsung and Google is still being negotiatedso it may well be that Google search remains the choice as the default option for now.

How do you like the idea of ​​using Bing as a search engine? Have you tried the new Bing yet? It can actually be worth it. If yes, what did you use it for? Do you have a tip for what it is particularly well suited for? Let us know your opinions and tips in the comments!

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