Jaguar Land Rover embarks on £15 billion electric vehicle transition -.

It is more unusual these days to see an automaker announce an internal combustion engine vehicle than an electric one, which makes the latest news from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) less surprising.

As reported by the BBC, the British auto giant has now initiated a £15 billion investment that will see it prepare for an EV future. The money will convert several factories and facilities in the UK to all-electric facilities (with the first in Merseyside and with Solihull and Wolverhampton following suit), all so that JLR can commit to a net zero carbon by 2039 plan.

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With this move, JLR is also creating its first-ever all-electric Range Rover SUV, scheduled to go into production in 2025. Although JLR is clearly behind many other major car companies, this at least shows that the car brand is getting ready to leave fossil fuels and internal combustion engines behind.

Jaguar Land Rover begins £15 billion transition of electric vehicles
Jaguar Land Rover

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