Logitech announces G Cloud, an Android-powered handheld console built for streaming games

Logitech announced several new products yesterday, from gaming headsets to steering wheels and other new accessories, but the most anticipated announcement was for the company’s new portable console. It’s called the Logitech G Cloud, and it’s made in partnership with Chinese company Tencent, which handled the development of the proprietary interface, installed on top of the Android operating system. Right from the name, we can tell that this device is not made to run games locally, but rather to access streaming services like Xbox Game Streaming and GeForce Now.

Logitech G Cloud gets official support from Xbox Game Streaming and GeForce Now

On the inside, the Logitech G Cloud is nothing more than a lower-end mid-range tablet, equipped with not very powerful hardware. We’re talking a Snapdragon 720 chipset, 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage, along with a 7″ FullHD display. Internet connectivity is via Wi-Fi 5, and those who need more storage can turn to the microSD slot. The only difference from a budget tablet seems to be that it includes physical “Xbox” style buttons for better control in games.

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logitech g cloud front

With access to the Play Store, the G Cloud can run Android games, but the hardware specs don’t recommend this device for very complex titles. Besides, even the screen is at 60Hz, so most phones even in this price range will offer a smoother gaming experience.

Logitech has partnered with Microsoft and NVIDIA to make sure their streaming services work on the G Cloud optimally, and other streaming apps like Stadia or Steam Link (which streams from your personal PC) can be run or installed from the Play Store. We haven’t heard anything about streaming from PlayStation Now yet, but there will probably be a solution like that.

Price could be an issue in the portable gaming device market

There are, however, a few issues with the Logitech G Cloud when we mention price. On pre-order, this device comes in at $299 US in the US. When it arrives in stores, the price will increase to $349 US. However, in the context of other portable gaming devices, this price isn’t exactly in Logitech’s favor. There’s already the Nintendo Switch Lite at $199, the Nintendo Switch V2 at $299 and the Switch OLED version at $349 US. All of these run Nintendo exclusive games plus many more, locally, without the need to connect to the internet. Also, the Steam Deck, a true PC that can run most Steam games and also offer streaming, costs $399 in the base version.

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logitech g cloud back

The advantage of the G Cloud would be the 12-hour streaming battery life, but even so, it doesn’t seem to be a very “portable” device. It doesn’t have the option to add a 5G card for streaming from anywhere, and game streaming services are fussy with internet connections. So only at home, where you already know you have high speed internet can you rely on the Logitech console. Also, at home you may well already have access to a more powerful system and a bigger screen to play on, like a console or PC. Even new smart TVs already integrate streaming from Xbox, Stadia or GeForce Now directly, without requiring another connected system.

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