Salut injects nearly 10,000 vaccinations against monkeypox, which is on the wane in Catalonia

The Conselleria de Salut has administered about 10,000 vaccines (9,690). against monkeypox, a disease for which a total of 2,143 cases since the beginning, although the rate of growth is slowing.

Salut set up last September 12 a new vaccination center against the disease at the Fira de Barcelona to support the 18 vaccination points already existing throughout Catalonia, which administer the injection every day of the week by appointment and only to people who meet the requirements.

Until this past Thursday, the Fira de Barcelona has inoculated 5,259 vaccines and, adding up all the points, a total of 9,690 doses have been administered in Catalonia.

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As for the cases, a total of 3,030 cases in the Xarxa de Vigilància Epidemiològica de Catalunya (XVEC) and, of these, the following have so far been confirmed 2,143 positive since the virus was first detected last spring.

Positives continue to grow but the pace has been slowing for weeks now: in the last 7 days, only five new cases, versus 19 the previous week and 77 the week before that.

Most of the confirmed cases are men between 20 and 60 years of age Who have onset of symptomatology between May 5 and September 22, 2022.

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Almost all cases have presented fever, fatigue, swollen glands, and skin rashes.

Lesions have been localized on genitals, around the anus and mouth, or in other areas of the body.

Thus far, the serious complications described are the proctitis (inflammation in the rectum). and ocular involvement, which in some cases have required hospitalization but have already been discharged.

The most likely mechanism of transmission has been contact. during sexual intercourse, mostly between men and in the context of festive events.

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