Russian Embassy in the U.S. condemns U.S. call to restrict Russian Spanish-language media

The Russian Embassy in the United States on Wednesday condemned calls by U.S. senators to restrict access to Russian media in Spanish as violating basic principles of censorship.

“We pay attention to the concern of a number of US lawmakers over the expansion of the audience of the Spanish-language versions of Russian media outlets ‘Russia Today’ and ‘Sputnik’, which led them to write appeals to the heads of Meta, Twitter and Telegram companies with a request to introduce appropriate restrictions,” the embassy stressed on its Telegram channel, as reported by the TASS news agency.

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“The ruling circles in Washington are clearly annoyed that, thanks to high-quality and timely news content, citizens of the countries of the region are turning to Russia Today and Sputnik, and not to the US-controlled media,” it has added.

In his opinion, “subscribers of Russian media, regardless of the language of broadcast, are able to determine for themselves the value of the information received without any external indications.”

Thus, the Russian Embassy in the American country has emphasized that “depriving access to an alternative point of view contradicts the most basic principles of media freedom and the unacceptability of censorship, so strongly defended on Capitol Hill.”

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